Rotor & Shaft Assemblies

Rotor & Shaft Assemblies

Ramco Electric Motors, Inc. manufactures a variety of rotor and shaft assemblies and subassemblies, both manufactured in-house and customer supplied. Please contact our Sales Team today to learn more about our Rotor and Shaft Assembly capabilities.

We have the finest OD grinding capability and experience, and can hold ± .0001″ tolerances using our Studer S33 OD Grinder.

Ramco also uses Schenck balancing equipment on our close tolerance work.

All assemblies and subassemblies are inspected by our FARO ARM Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), as well as other high quality gauging.

Rotor and Shaft Assembly Capabilities

  • In House Machine Shop
    • CNC Lathes
    • CNC Mills
    • CNC OD Grinding
    • Balancing